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We provide discreet and comprehesive financial management, tax compliance, and preparation for serious entertainment industry professionals.  Working for 3 decades in the music industry, we understand the importance of royalty and tour accounting and enjoy creating workflows that relieve you from the stress of accounting to your stakeholders and the taxing authorities.  

Our clients include international recording artists, major motion picture films, national booking agencies, management, event producers, songwriters, publishers, and production companies.

Our investment approach is asset driven.  Rather than focus on Wall Street, we focus on you, investing in the things that can offset necessary expenses first, then on assets that provide income for future use.  Real estate plays a key role in our strategies.

We understand that bad things can happen to good people, and some new clients need representation before the IRS for past issues.  We don't judge, but we do treat the disease, rather than just the symptoms.  Waiting is the worst response to trouble with the taxing authorities.  We are here, we understand, and can get you back on your way to financial and creative freedom quickly.